New Songs

There are a few Songs in the pipeline. Wait for it ! 

Chill-House by pichbone: Te Quiero

And here is the new chill-house single of pichbone:



Listen to it:




…you can also listen on deezer, google play music, tidal, amazon ….

The new EDM-Song of pichbone : Think of U

Now its here:

The new EDM-Song of Pichbone:


You can get it everywhere:



Its on itunes, google play music, deezer, amazon & tidal too !!!


Next releases are in the tube…….


Come and get it !!!!



The second release…. Te Quiero

This week my second song will be released in a few days.

Te Quiero is a little bit  Chillout-Beach-Style .

I had the idea, when I was driving in the sunset. You can imagine it. At first you see a small point of the sun. The point ist getting bigger and bigger and after that you lose the sunset….

Think about it !!!



Think of U

In a few days, my new single will be avaible on Spotify, iTunes, AppleMusic, Amazon, a.o.

Stay tuned !!!



New Remix of a 1989 – Song

Next week a new remix well be born. The Original song was on #3 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Don’t forget…..